I Customized 100 Nintendo Switch, Then Gave Them Away
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    • Vedant Borude
      Vedant Borude

      Please give me one I am big fan of Nintendo Switch

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      Ritaj Bzrmt

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      Janet Douglas

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      Hmm,I want that Nintendo badly 😫😫😫😫

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      Lizda Nazdira Moncada Morales


  • rajinder kaur
    rajinder kaur

    I like your guys drawing

  • Mila


  • sreeganga devi
    sreeganga devi

    Can you give me a nitando switch please

  • Jasmine Torrens
    Jasmine Torrens


  • Jasmine Torrens
    Jasmine Torrens

    And your logo and can I win both of them

  • Jasmine Torrens
    Jasmine Torrens

    Do unspeakable on a Nintendo switch

  • Manjol Rai
    Manjol Rai

    It was my b day on March 16

  • johnna bowman
    johnna bowman

    ZHCyou need to be a art teacher at Norwood elementary school

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    ariunbat bolderdene

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  • ilostmyaacc 762
    ilostmyaacc 762

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  • Amena Nayeem
    Amena Nayeem

    She literally fell 😢

  • Gustavo Gonzalez
    Gustavo Gonzalez

    when you make videos in spanish if you can

  • Helen Gallagher
    Helen Gallagher

    Zhc I love and I mean love your vids if you made me something I would love it

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    Andamaouy uh Galaxy


  • ✌︎︎MuMu_Flaming✌︎︎

    Love kirby

  • Roz Diar
    Roz Diar

    my dream is that bubble nintendo 🥺🥺

  • Kennet Kulakula Suriya
    Kennet Kulakula Suriya

    Can I have Nintendo switch please i am a child

  • mico paolo pancho
    mico paolo pancho

    I can't now how to talk English because I'm from Philippines

  • SillyCat

    i like pokemon

  • Michele Sanchez
    Michele Sanchez

    Zhc can I have a blue and red Nintendo switch to have fun with it

  • Najihah Abu Bakar
    Najihah Abu Bakar

    You are wasring a lot of money, Zachary.

  • Kai Chidi
    Kai Chidi

    Zach loves drawing the planet / galaxy

  • Faze Sweden
    Faze Sweden

    I searched this up because I’m customizing my joysticks rn lol and I’m doing it with only sharpie marker

  • RayKay Heard
    RayKay Heard

    That was pretty cool

  • Srwa H Ismail srwaismail
    Srwa H Ismail srwaismail


  • •r_robot•ツ•

    0:22 dojyan

  • pedro gonzalez
    pedro gonzalez

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    elisa li

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    Maria Jesus

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    Aryo Sayogha


  • rupali tarle
    rupali tarle

    I love the first one its pretty sick

  • Jessica Gosche
    Jessica Gosche

    I was laughing so hard when Michelle sliped

  • Three mischief boys
    Three mischief boys


  • Three mischief boys
    Three mischief boys

    Can I also get a nintendo switch

  • Sisters forever
    Sisters forever

    THATS amzing! I wish I could do art like that!

  • Azoobeasty

    I want 1 but I have 1 not coloured

  • saima ali
    saima ali

    Can I get one

  • Ashley Peyer
    Ashley Peyer

    can i get a nintendo plsss

  • Michelle Regina
    Michelle Regina


  • Marvin Oswaldo
    Marvin Oswaldo

    l am suscrito and gave a like


    Good videos fun


    Next: I customized 100 Nintendo Pro Controller.

  • Navya Komatireddy
    Navya Komatireddy

    One hundred can you give one please I can’t buy even one Nintendo switch please please that I every pray that to get a Nintendo switch please give me one

  • Brandy Parro
    Brandy Parro

    What's the lowest amount of money you going to do that to me

    • Brandy Parro
      Brandy Parro


  • Darksloths2

    I’m in astralia

  • Darksloths2

    I love you art

  • Deku

    How much Nintendo worth at United State : 299 How much Nintendo worth at Malaysia: 3999-1999 Me : WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • Htet Paing Soe
    Htet Paing Soe

    hi i am scott i want a switch for 5 year but i never get can you give me one i am in taynggyi pls


    I wish I had a gaming console tho 😢


    I'm a big fan and I just love what u guys do

  • Erin westberg
    Erin westberg

    I want to Nintendo switch

  • Margaret Corona
    Margaret Corona

    I’m 54 years young and I love to watch your videos

  • Alexa and Doug
    Alexa and Doug

    How do you paint so good

  • Marcel T
    Marcel T

    Coooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Bendy and the ink machine
    Bendy and the ink machine

    Zack you are the best artist

  • eray osman
    eray osman

    Plis send Nintendo me

  • YourSubscriber

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    Hon Long Tri

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    Hon Long Tri

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  • KékPárduc

    8:24 xdddd its so funny

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith


  • 2102 Romar
    2102 Romar

    Andy I love the video of you customised the new Nintendo switch and I have a Nintendo switch coming in October and I am so glad that I am getting my Nintendo switch and I have the games and my favourite game which is descenders

  • AshMint

    Give me one

  • Villa Maria
    Villa Maria

    Do the space jam and bugs bunny

  • Chileshe Mubanga
    Chileshe Mubanga

    i like to Have a Nintendo

  • HA NGO
    HA NGO

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  • Melissa Edwards
    Melissa Edwards


  • Fernando pollo Bravo Pariona
    Fernando pollo Bravo Pariona

    Cuantos quisieran tener esa nintendo swich pero no pueden :(

  • Yash musical status.
    Yash musical status.


  • Dot Ann Rodebaugh
    Dot Ann Rodebaugh

    Hey what would you think if I did half of blue and one nail and half a pink on the other nail I'm on the same nail I mean but what would you think about that like nice or not really cute

  • IamNotFrank BG
    IamNotFrank BG

    8:06 funny🤣

  • Leonardus Henriques De La Fuente
    Leonardus Henriques De La Fuente

    I want a Nintendo switch for my birthday January 4th is my birthday

  • Leonardus Henriques De La Fuente
    Leonardus Henriques De La Fuente

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    Leonardus Henriques De La Fuente

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  • Gustavo PTP
    Gustavo PTP

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  • tien luc hoang
    tien luc hoang

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  • tien luc hoang
    tien luc hoang

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  • tien luc hoang
    tien luc hoang

    You are amazing!

  • Jonathan


  • Rihanna Onako Mgwebi
    Rihanna Onako Mgwebi

    I my name is Mila and i am south Africa and i am new

  • Blocky guy
    Blocky guy

    I wish i had a switch :(


    Hi can you geve me a nintondo swich plise plise plise plise plise plise plise plise plise

  • Sham Ghusie
    Sham Ghusie

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    Omgggg Incredible

  • Feleciano Rebollos
    Feleciano Rebollos

    Mechel new memes

  • João Vitor Almeida Dos Santos
    João Vitor Almeida Dos Santos

    Mano oq custava dar um para mim?!

  • Kara!!

    You so rich🥺

  • Koshy varghese
    Koshy varghese

    my favorites are:- red and blue dragon - 2:19 leo's dragon - 3:59 the "quick" paint splatter - 6:37

  • Alessandra Ardito
    Alessandra Ardito

    Sorry gays🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Holly Alexander
    Holly Alexander

    8.21 8.26

  • Aras…

    I’m gonna be honest.. Switch Lite designs were T.R.A.S.H

  • Fish beauty
    Fish beauty


  • Seed gaming is cool yall
    Seed gaming is cool yall


  • Pardo

    Ahora las nintendo no tienen garantía y nintendo los van a demandar por modificar el diseño de las consolas ,las personas de hoy en día que no tengan cerebro para pensar

  • Jᴜɴɴᴜ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ
    Jᴜɴɴᴜ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ

    Love from india

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    steve xo

    MacBook place ❤❤❤ love your videos

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    I like Lieo

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    That is so cool

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